Privacy Policy

This policy is meant to describe the manner in which Stay­-On­-Top (“we,” “our,” or “us”) and its enveloping organization handles issues surrounding the privacy of it’s users. This privacy policy is a part of Stay­-On-­Top’s Terms and Conditions and any information a user chooses to share with Stay­-On­-Top is subject to said Terms. Stay­-On­-Top may choose to update this policy at anytime, without warning. Users will be informed of any changes or modifications to the policy immediately via the Stay-­On­-Top website.

What we Collect

Stay­-On-­Top is the complete and only owner of all information collected via the Stay­-On­-Top Mobile Application and Website. Scandenza will not share, rent, or sell personal information of it’s users without specific, expressed consent from said user, though anonymized and aggregated data may be shared at anytime. Stay­-On­-Top collects information on the following:

  • A user’s location;
  • Personal information, which may include:
    • Name;
    • Email;
    • Phone number;
    • mailing address;
  • Service providers used;
  • App & web usage patterns


Our website does track visitors through the use of “cookies” in order to better understand the traffic patterns on the site. We respect the “Do Not Track” option and, if cookies are disabled, we will not collect any information.

With Whom We Share Information

Stay­-On-­Top will not share non­anonymized information without expressed consent from the user. With permission, Stay­-On-­Top may disclose information to the following entities:

  • Within Your Stay­-On-­Top Community
    • Your profile may be shared with other Stay­-On­-Top users within your community (judged by the geolocation and self-identification of each user. It will not be shared with users outside your community.
  • Third Parties
    • Stay­-On-­Top may share aggregated, anonymized data with third party providers with whom Stay-­On-­Top has a tactical business partnership. These third parties will be obligated to not share user information with other organizations.
  • Service Providers, Government Agencies, & Other Vendors
    • We may share personal information with service providers and other vendors so that they may enhance or improve their own services
  • Unique Cases
    • Stay­-On-­Top reserves the right to share any and all of a user’s data (at our discretion) with Law Enforcement agencies in order to protect others or to prevent what we deem as unsafe activity.