Stay-On-Top bridges the gap between service providers and the community. It’s more than just a group communications solution, or a calendar reminder app. It’s a digital secretary which keeps track of your appointments, reminders and it allows service or content providers to keep you informed. Service providers use Stay-On-Top to send notifications, but then they can also create reminders and appointments within the app, so it keeps you on schedule and your always on your game. Never miss an appointment, breaking news or any other for you important information again. With Stay-OnTop, you’re always on the ball. . If you’re a service provider and you’d like to learn more, click here for more information, including pricing. Tired of getting charged for no shows?

Service provider

Service providers from government and non-government entities to meteorological services, to the neighborhood watch can use Stay-On-Top to keep local denizens (I assume this correct) educated and well informed. Community members can keep up with the local happenings, and extreme weather reports just to start. We designed this app to keep communities safe, aware and current.

Example of Applications:

  • Doctors /Dentists
  • Medical facilities
  • Schools or othe Educational organizations
  • Governmental entities
  • Restaurant
  • Retail stores
  • Sport clubs / Social clubs

StayOnTop’s Service provider Features

With Stay-On-Top, Service provider can:

  • Schedule appointments and reminders;
  • Communicate directly with your customers, one on one or in a group;
  • Send notifications when important documents are about to expire;
  • Send important updates, newsletters and more.


For users, Stay-On-Top is meant to do more than local news or events. We support service providers from dentists to doctors, service providers who can use Stay-On-Top to automatically schedule appointments, or provide prescription information. Remember that hair dresser appointment you have? No worries, Stay-On-Top does and will let you know when it’s time. Got to renew your driver’s license soon? Stay-On-Top will let you know when it’s about to expire Service Providers,. Want to stay on the ball with community news? Stay-On-Top is what you need. All you need to do is download the app everything else is handled by the service providers and Stay-On-Top itself. It’s time we take control of the flow of information and to take the power for ourselves. The future of group communications and community life is here, and it’s named Stay-On-Top.

StayOnTop’s User Features

With Stay-On-Top, users can:

  • Receive reminders about upcoming events;
  • Receive reminders when important documents are expiring;
  • Receive automatic appointment scheduling and reminders;
  • Get up­to­date weather information;
  • Receive targeted breaking news alert; and
  • Keep on top of local information.