About Us

When we started on this project, we wanted to empower our community. We wanted more than just a news aggregator, or a reminder app. We wanted everyone to have a personal secretary to help keep them organized and on top of it. We wanted people to take control of their lives, to have the power themselves. And so we created Stay-On-Top, your virtual companion.

Stay-On-Top takes care of the minutia associated with everyday life. It reminds you of appointments, bills, document expirations, informs you of breaking news, and keeps you up-to-date on changing weather conditions. With Stay-On-Top, communities stay informed, individuals become empowered and you have more time to spend on the things that matter.

We noticed that there was a communication breakdown between third-party organizations, service providers, and communities. Government & non-government entities, healthcare providers, utility providers and other such institutions weren’t getting necessary information out in a way that was easily accessible to all. On the rare occasion that information is accessible, it often went unnoticed. People would miss important events, breaking news, severe weather alerts, bills, and appointments due to this lack of communication. Our solution was to create a mass communication system – but then we realized it wasn’t enough. Communication wasn’t the only problem. In a world bombarded with constant information, stuff slips through the cracks. We can’t control what we forget; but we can create a system to inform and remind us of important information and happenings.

Stay-On-Top is our answer to the overwhelming information dump that is our world. It is a virtual companion who will keep you on top of the ball and ahead of the game. For service providers, it ensures that their clients are aware and reminded of the important stuff. For community members, it’s your path to knowledge and preparedness. Stay-On-Top will transform the way you run your life and frees you of the concerns we all face every day..